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Letter from the President

ANDY SADLONFroude President
We're Growing—More Employees, New Product Initiatives
Froude continues to move forward and reach new heights. We have approximately doubled our employment as our sales have increased. We offer a heartfelt “thank you” to our customers—some are brand new to Froude and some have been with us for decades. We look forward to continuing our relationships for many years.

We are honored to welcome a new Sales Director, Chris Middlemass. Chris has an impressive background in the fields of engine development and testing, previously leading sales and engineering activities for companies such as Honeywell (Garrett) Turbo, Jaguar Racing and Ricardo. His experience, leadership and customer focus will be a major asset to Froude customers and employees as we move forward.

A number of new product initiatives have been implemented. For example, we are using 3D printed casting patterns, all new ergonomic digital interfaces, and open architecture control systems. We are also releasing a new series of dynamometer products, entitled the Evolution Series. This series incorporates years of improvements and enhancements into a common platform of products. The Evolution represents our highest performing, highest quality, most reliable products ever produced.

Protecting Froude Intellectual Property
On another note, we continue to pursue competitors using Froude Intellectual Property without our endorsement. We’ve started to approach service providers advertising their ability to service, refurbish and repair Froude products to Froude standards. We strongly disagree with these claims since these organizations do not have knowledge or access to our product technical specifications, build tolerances, manufacturing drawings, test strategies and processes, material choices, as well as other sensitive information. We have not shared our Intellectual Property, therefore, the only way an organization can claim to service to Froude’s standards would be through unethical access to Froude’s data.

We contend that the use of these organizations potentially poses a serious risk for the user. There may be severe safety risks as well as risks concerning performance and longevity. Using unauthorized third-party suppliers could create a serious issue to which insurers insuring the end users’ facility and safety would have a keen interest. These repairs are not sanctioned by Froude and are done with a “best effort” intention; this does not represent the commitment necessary for protecting our employees and minimizing risk.

To protect the integrity of our products, we will be endorsing key service organizations through a certification program. Our certified service and repair facilities will be properly trained on our products and will have access to Froude IP, OEM procedures and specified materials. Until then, anyone claiming to service, repair or refurbish to Froude’s standards is making unsupported claims.
Onward and Upward
Armed with our talented employees and new product initiatives, Froude is on a path to continue the 140+ year legacy and reputation to which we are well known. Please check out our new website and take a moment to review the new agencies representing us in new corners of the globe! We are gaining more and more momentum—the future looks bright for the Froude family and our customers.

Andy Sadlon
Froude President
October 2018
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