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Letter from the President

ANDY SADLONFroude President
Froude Update Regarding COVID-19 
In recent weeks, Froude has been meeting the challenge of planning and coordinating to ensure successful support of our customers and vendors through this period of constant change. In the past few days, our path has been mandated to us by (1) the UK governments directive to “shelter in place” excepting essential activities and (2) the Michigan State government’s similar requirements. As such, we have suspended our “in facility” operations in the UK and have just a small low risk skeleton staff in the US to continue manufacturing. We’ve done this as a result of the US and UK governments’ direction.

We have asked our employees, which have the capacity, to work remotely. This allows many of our staff positions to continue working. Our engineering, purchasing, sales, finance and other positions will continue to work where possible, since they do not have to be within the facility.

Our expectation is that this will be in place for three weeks. At approximately the week of April 12th, we will obtain the governments’ new direction and restart our operations.

Currently we expect that all manufactured products will be delayed three weeks. The restarting promptness will be dependent on a smooth and coordinated effort throughout all of our business partners. We are therefore intent on initiating the communication necessary to ensure we all work together to respond effectively.

We will call all of our vendors and customers to discuss our respective expectations. We all understand that the economic environment is unprecedented and we will need to work together to ensure success in navigating through the situation.

In essence, we are complying with both the US and UK government directives. We are taking advantage of our remote work capacity and the few employees available in the US facility to keep some critical programs moving. At any time these few may be sent home if there is any risk either perceived by Froude management or by them independently. We will not accept any personal risk to our employees’ health and safety.

Please work with us and help reduce the consequences of the pandemic and make sure we’re all able to recover quickly. We need to work together to ensure we find the best path for the combined benefit of our employees and their families and yours. Please feel free to call your Froude contact to keep abreast of our situation.


Andy Sadlon
Froude President
March 25, 2020
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