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Letter from the President

ANDY SADLONFroude President
Froude Update Regarding COVID-19 and a Safe and Sustainable Work Environment
Froude has implemented a “Safe and Sustainable” work environment for our employees within which we can work indefinitely even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage our society.

To accomplish the Safe and Sustainable work environment, we’ve instituted the following practices effective April 27:

  • Employees that can perform their duties remotely are requested to do so.
  • Employees that must work within the facility will work together to create processes and controls that will ensure protections are in place.
  • Facility controls include: 
  • Personal protective devices at all workstations 
  • Reorganization of all workstations to ensure a minimum of six feet of separation
  • Pre-cleaning and post-cleaning of all shared surfaces; doorknobs, printers, water faucets, tools, supplies, etc.
  • Overall deep cleaning on a scheduled basis
  • Limitation of access to the facility; control and limitation of attendance

Our employees are working together to create an environment that they trust. It will require discipline and continuous diligence.

Our expectation is that we can perform to the Froude level of excellence within our normal lead times and scheduling. We further expect that we can sustain this arrangement indefinitely and thereby avoid the pandemic driving our business decisions.

We cannot, however, control our supply chain’s decisions and commit to processes dependent on their performance and schedule. We are working closely with supplier partners to ensure they can support our needs but, in some situations, they may not be able to fully support us. We will do all possible to identify, communicate, and solve issues as early as possible.

Also, we may have challenges supporting fieldwork at our customers’ facilities. As government travel restrictions are lifted, our ability to support our customer’s field needs will improve. In the short term, we will do what we can by utilizing video and audio tools to provide assistance.

We will continue to work within the governments’ directives and be sensitive to our local community situation.

Thank you for working with us to endure these troubling times—together we can be successful in meeting our respective goals. Froude has a tough lot of dedicated employees and we are determined to be successful for ourselves and our customers.


Andy Sadlon
Froude President
April 24, 2020
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