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An R&D test facility imposes its own unique demands on test equipment to meet the stringent and wide-ranging tests required in this environment.  With over one hundred years of experience, Froude has developed a range of products to meet these demands.   

Our range of AC dynamometers designed for transient and emission development are available for applications ranging from small gasoline engines up to heavy-duty diesel engines.  The AG range of eddy current dynamometers with their robust low maintenance design and high accuracy torque measurement and control make them ideal for ECU calibration and mechanical durability testing requirements.  For large industrial diesel engine development, our well-proven F range of hydraulic dynamometers using the unique Froude design of vaned pockets provides exceptional performance and reliability required in this testing environment.

The Froude Texcel V12 PRO Control and Data Acquisition System combine a sophisticated software system with an intuitive easy to use Graphical User Interface. This gives a powerful test system designed to meet a wide range of testing requirements including regulatory test cycles for emissions and software drivers for ECU calibration, in addition to mechanical durability testing.Texcel V12 PRO can be used with our range of AC, Eddy Current and Hydraulic dynamometers.  Interfaces to other manufacturers dynamometers can be provided on request.  In the modern test cell a wide variety of instruments are used to measure engine performance, Texcel V12  PRO has a library of software drivers to interface with a majority of these, thus allowing the customer to choose the most suited for their application providing a cost-effective solution to their testing needs. 

Texcel V4  provides a low-cost solution to the user require a manual control system or to provide an interface to our range of dynamometers should the customer wish to use their own or an existing data acquisition system.

Froude can also supply a comprehensive range of ancillary equipment to complete the in-cell requirement. 

Main Features:

  • Engine pallet system complete with anti-vibration mounts and providing three axis of adjustment.
  • Throttle actuator for control of the throttle valve or injector pump.
  • Engine coolant and lubrication cooling modules.
  • Drive shafts and guarding systems
  • Engine trolley system, providing an easy and quick change over of engines without the need for separate handling equipment.

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