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Testing Low-Speed Marine Engines

Froude’s involvement with the marine industry dates back to the mid 19th century and the origins of the company when William Froude invented the world’s first hydraulic dynamometer for testing marine steam engines. 

Our low-speed dynamometer specifically designed for this application benefit from well over one hundred years of experience in understanding and meeting customer requirements and expectations in this industry. The award-winning LS series of dynamometers with its unique three load cell system eliminates trunnion bearing loss and allows the carcass to float and move with the oscillations of the prime mover. This eliminates the requirement for driveshafts and their associated alignment requirements. The LS dynamometers are suited for engines from 9 MW up to 75 MW.

Lower powered high speed diesel engines can be tested using our F series of dynamometers.

In addition to our Aerospace and Industrial gas turbine test systems, Froude equipment is also available for Marine gas turbine applications using our renowned ‘F’ and ‘HS’ type dynamometers with the Texcel VX100 PRO controller which provides unequalled performance and control. 

The high performance demands of engine development, production and overhaul are ably met with equipment that includes a standard range of engine test stands and adapters that may be tailored to individual requirements.

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