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Overhaul Your Dynamometer to Keep it Running Like New

Only Froude, the original equipment manufacturer, should overhaul your Froude equipment.

The Froude Overhaul is available for most current and previous models of our dynamometers. It is aimed at ensuring our customer has the best available costing information before we start, and a thoroughly overhauled and tested machine when we finish. An overhaul includes stripping down the dyno and replacing pre-defined wear parts, such as seals and bearings.


  • fixed price overhaul
  • the dyno will be overhauled, parts cleaned, regreased and wear parts replaced, followed by a spin test to check that vibration levels are within tolerance
  • especially useful if a dynamometer has been 'out-of-service' for an extended period, and if, before bringing it back into operation, you need the machine to be checked
  • Froude will identify any items requiring replacement as part of the overhaul process which would be charged additionally to the standard fixed price overhaul
  • 6 month warranty on new parts and workmanship 

Download our Dynohaul Sales Literature

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For Overhaul information, please call  +1 248.579.4295 or EMAIL SPARES.