Customer Services - Refurbishment & Upgrades

Refurbishing your machine extends the useful life of your equipment. Performance or functionality can also be improved by upgrading certain features.

Froude dynamometers are renowned for their longevity, regularly offering 20 - 30 years of service and reliability. However, we can extend the useful life of our products even further through a comprehensive refurbishment service which returns dynamometers to virtually an “as new” condition, or better if an upgrade is included. This includes SAJ dynos, which are based on the early Froude dynamometer designs. 


A Froude FO Type dynamometer

pre and post refurbishment

No one knows your Froude like Froude knows your Froude. 

As an owner of a Froude you own one of the most sophisticated and high-performance dynamometers available. You recognize the importance of the safe, reliable and accurate operation of this important piece of equipment. No one other than Froude should be allowed to refurbish your machine. 

You Will Get:

  • Original parts made to the correct revision of Froude drawings
  • Support from your dynamometer original design and customer support team
  • Manufactured parts made from the correct material and to the correct process control
  • A FULL Guarantee
  • A historical match to your dynamometer original build record.
  • Equipment built to OEM Design procedures
  • Equipment tested to OEM approved procedures

You Will NOT Get:

  • Reverse engineered safety critical parts
  • Parts made out of the wrong material
  • Parts made without reference to your machine’s history
  • Parts made from unauthorized, illegal, or unapproved drawings
  • Support from the original equipment manufacturer

Our Refurbishment services include:

  • Full inspection and report
  • Basic like-for-like replacement of worn parts
  • Replacement of parts with new upgraded items, such as valves and controllers
  • Reconditioning of parts back to original specification or to current specifications, whichever is appropriate.
  • Increased Speed / Power rating where appropriate
  • Fast Track emergency repairs
  • Refurbishment on-site, at Froude Inc, Novi MI USA or at Froude Ltd Worcester facility in the UK
  • Testing prior to return
  • 6 months warranty on new parts and labor

Our Upgrade service is similar to a Refurbishment but includes replacement of parts or assemblies with more recent equivalents, so capability is improved. For example, upgrading manually controlled dynamometers with automated control systems, upgrading valves etc. 

For Refurbishment or Upgrade information, please call our Customer Service Team at +1 248.579.4295, or EMAIL SPARES