Ancilliary Equipment - Universal Test Stand

Integrated engine and dynamometer universal test stand with AG200 dynamometer and DC starting system.  3 axis engine mounting stand for flexibility, and main under frame mounted on vibration absorbing feet.  Throttle actuator (Tx21) for cable operation of engine throttle levers. 



The 2650mm (104") long under-frame supports the dynamometer, jackshaft, and engine at 1000mm (39") centre line height above floor level, and incorporates an integral drip tray and longitudinal tee-slots below the engine position. It is mounted to the test cell floor via eight flexible mounts providing vibration isolation to the surrounding area.

Other sizes are available on request.


  • Endurance testing
  • Performance testing
  • Quality assurance 


The dynamometer is capable of absorbing load in either direction of rotation.

AC/AG dynamometer
Maximum power     200/175
Maximum torque     800/360
Maximum speed     10/10

  • High accuracy strain gauge torque measurement system
  • Electro-magnetic speed sensor
  • Throttle actuator type TX21
  • Universal engine mounting system incorporating:

                                                   -  two tee-slotted cross beams, four engine support pillars, each with screw jack height adjustment
                                                   -  drive shaft to suit application
                                                   -  drive shaft guard
                                                   -  jackshaft assembly

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  • Integrated oil and water conditioning system
  • Air intake metre
  • Fuel measurement system
  • Weather station

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    • Facilities planning and installation services
    • Comprehensive in-house and/or on-site training courses
    • Tailored preventative maintenance contracts
    • On-line diagnostics and support via modem or VPN
    • Technical Support 

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