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Froude Data Acquisition & Control: The Most Precise Control System in the Industry

See the table below to find the correct controller for your application.

Dynamometer Model InCell V4 V12 PRO VX200
F and FO Series Hydraulic Dynamometers
AG Series Eddy Current Dynamometers
AC Series Dynamometers
LS Series Hydraulic Dynamometers
HS Series Hydraulic Dynamometers
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Texcel V4 Features

  • (Will Not Operate Locking Solenoids)
  • Overspeed and Torque Protection
  • User Configurable Alarm
  • Dyno Pressure Sensor Digital Inputs
  • Host Interface
  • Engine Control
  • Auto Inlet Valve Control
  • Control System Voltage
  • Throttle Actuator Option

Texcel VX200 Features

  • Desktop controller
  • User-configurable screen layouts
  • High-speed digital control incorporating multi-variable PIDs
  • 4 modes of load control: speed, torque, position and power law
  • Bumpless mode change control
  • Manual & automatic inlet valve control
  • 4-level alarm monitoring & logging on all AI channels
  • Locking solenoid control of inlet/outlet valves
  • Multiple engine configuration files
  • Integrated rolling store/postmortem log
  • Host interface for remote control and logging using modbus TCP, analog, RS232 & ethernet
  • Backwards compatible with VX100 installations, excluding custom software
  • USB ports for backup & user equipment

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Froude dynamometers are renowned the world over as high quality, reliable and accurate. Our test equipment will provide a return on your investment for many years.
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