Control and Data Acquisition - Texcel V4

The Texcel V4 Controller is specifically designed to provide accurate, reliable and cost effective control of hydraulic and eddy current dynamometers and engines.  The controllers are simple to install, configure and calibrate, and provide displays of speed and torque in selected units of measure.  



The Texcel V4 Controller for hydraulic and eddy current dynamometers provides precise multimode digital control and integrated dynamometer and throttle actuator control (on engine control versions).  The unit is supplied in a 19 inch rack mounting module and comes complete with interconnecting cables between the controller, power module and dynamometer.  

The dynamometer's running conditions are controlled via the throttle and dynamometer demand knob, and an intelligent demand encoder detects the speed with which the control knob is being turned, allowing very precise control under both transient and steady state conditions.

The Texcel V4 unit incorporates a safety interlock which can be integrated with the rest of the test facility.


The Texcel V4 Controller is ideal for engine and test cell applications in a variety of industries using eddy current and hydraulic dynamometers.

The Texcel V4-H & HE versions can control a variety of inlet valves such as servo-hydraulic, motorized and pneumatic.


Power requirements:
Controller: 230V / 110V +/- 10%;  50Hz / 60Hz
Power Module: 230V +/- 10%;  50Hz / 60Hz

Controller (19 inch rack): 134mm x 483mm x 392mm

Controller:   0 - 350C;  0 - 90% RH non-condensing
Power module:  0 - 500C;  0 - 90% RH non-condensing

Measurement Accuracy:
Speed:  +/- 1 rpm
Torque: < 0.5% fsd  (system accuracy is dependent on dynamometer)      



The Texcel V4 Controller is available in different variants depending on the test application and dynamometer type:

1) Texcel V4-H:  for hydraulic dynamometer control

2) Texcel V4-HE:  for hydraulic dynamometer and engine control

3) Texcel V4-EC:  for eddy current dynamometer control

4) Texcel V4-ECE: for eddy current dynamometer and engine control

The Texcel V4 is supplied as standard in a 19 inch rack mounting, and text and documentation is provided in English language.  Alternative options are available as follows:

  • Controller unit mounted in a desktop case
  • Text displays and documentation provided in French, German, or Spanish language

Customer Service

Technical Support:

Technical Support can be contacted in the following ways:

Telephone: +1 248.579.4295


Service Support: 

  • Facilities planning and installation service
  • Comprehensive in-house and/or on-site training courses
  • Tailored preventative maintenance contracts

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