High Power Dynamometers for Testing Piston, Turbine and Electric Prime Movers for the Marine Industry 

Froude produces low-speed, very high power dynamometers for use with steam turbine and gearbox applications as well as for capital ship and cathedral engines. In fact, we are world leaders in the design and production of large dynamometers for testing piston, turbine and electric prime movers for the marine industry. We have a unique design which allows for simplified maintenance and vastly reduced installation time.

The LS casing is carried on three spherically pivoted struts which incorporate load cells and hydraulic positioning rams, allowing the dynamometer to be quickly and easily coupled directly to the engine. This mechanism eliminates the need for an expensive intermediate drive shaft. As the dynamometer is free to follow the engine, there is reduced axial thrust; hence no special thrust bearing requirements. The lack of conventional trunnion bearings means the associated problem of brinelling due to transmission of engine vibration, has been totally eliminated. 

Model Max Speed (RPM) Torque Nm (lb.ft) Power
kW (BHP)
Curve Ref
LS115 400 251,330 (185,370) 8,950 (12,000) 00184
LS115X 650 570,000 (420,510) 14,920 (20,040) 00184
LS130 350 356,038 (262,600) 11,185 (15,000) 00185
LS180 300 990,000 (730,000) 22,500 (30,200) 00457
LS245 200 2,990,000 (2,202,000) 48,500 (65,000) 002005
LS295 150 3,944,000 (5,347,900) 48,500 (65,000) 000810
LS320 130 6,725,767 (4,961,000) 48,500 (65,000) 004239
LS370 130 6,725,767 (4,961,000) 75,000 (100,500) 004310
LS370X 200 6,725,767 (4,961,000) 75,000 (100,500)


All torque-transmitting components are assembled using the oil injection technique, eliminating stress raising keys, keyways and associated operating problems of fretting. This technique also assures that subsequent removal of components, even after many years of service, is simple, quick and non destructive. The shaft assembly is carried in standard grease lubricated rolling element bearings, without separate thrust bearings, enabling higher speeds to be achieved without the need for special bearings and/or lubrication systems.

Froude Low Speed LS Dyno

The design power range from 8,950 kW to 100,000 KW is limited solely by the power and torque output of current prime movers. The LS, RLS & DLS designs encompass a range of single and double working compartment machines to match power, torque and speed ranges and offer direct/non direct reversing to your requirements.

Main Features:

  • Torque measurement accuracy ±0.25% of full rated torque of dynamometer
  • Speed measurement accuracy ±1 RPM
  • Servo load control
  • Rapid response
  • Stable operation
  • High reliability
  • Easy maintenance


The range of low speed dynamometers, introduced in January 1978 as a replacement for the popular FA range, is designed to test low speed/high power prime movers. Low speed dynamometers are currently testing turbine, piston and electrical prime movers in environments from open shipyard to enclosed research centers.

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  • Oil lubricated bearings can be supplied for special applications
  • Shaft couplings can be provided to suit particular requirements
  • Speed measurement system by encoder for low speed propulsion system development applications
  • Servo-controlled water inlet valve
  • Calibration arm and fittings
  • Calibration proving ring and hydraulic/screw jack system
  • Alternative paint color 

Customer Service

  • Facilities planning and installation services
  • Comprehensive in-house and/or on-site training courses
  • Tailored preventative maintenance contracts
  • Technical support

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