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Support for Smooth Disc Dynamometers for High-Speed Testing

Froude is expanding our offerings to include the support and service of smooth disc dynamometers including Kahn and others. Our intellectual property includes smooth disc designs and we are pleased to build upon this technology as we extend our product portfolio.                             

Whether you are testing with a smooth disc, a perforated disc, or a vaned rotor assembly design, Froude’s 144 years of engineering expertise encompasses the various dynamometer technologies. We’ve continuously evolved our high-speed dynamometers to meet the industry's ever-changing demands, and this new program builds upon that mission.

Contact us at +1 248.515.0579 to discuss your short- and long-term test equipment needs. Call us soon – we are offering free evaluations of your equipment for a limited time. Froude, the most recognized brand in the industry, is here to support you now and long into the future.

Expand Your Dyno Service Options

Use Froude for servicing and spare parts so you can concentrate on your main business.

A Partner You Can Trust

144+ years of specialized expertise. We understand the complexities of dynamometers and engine testing.

Avoid Unanticipated Failures & Associated Test Cell Downtime

Preventative maintenance availability and overhauls to keep your equipment functioning properly.

New Test Cell Equipment Solutions

We can also provide alternative solutions for your smooth disc dynamometers, including Froude equivalents.

Handling Your Service In-house?

Allow us to handle your overflow service work. Our goal is to keep you testing.

Send in your unit for a FREE evaluation. Call +1 248.515.0579 or fill out the form below.

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