Used / Refurbished Dynamometers and Controllers

Current Inventory (may change at any time). Please note: Some of these units may be in various stages of refurbishment and may not be immediately available. Please contact us at +1 248.579.4295 (press 1 for Sales), or email Froude to inquire about used equipment or if you have Froude equipment available for sale. 


Used HS890 Tandem Hydraulic Dynamometer

Learn more about the HS890 Tandem, review the duty curve and see additional photos of this system:  Froude-HS890-Tandem For Sale PDF

  • Max Speed 6,900 RPM
  • Torque Nm (lb.ft) 100,000 (73,800)
  • Max Power 56,000 kW (75,100 BHP)
  • Texcel VX100 PRO and other components available for a complete system

 HS890 Tandem Dynamometer


Refurbished FO479 Hydraulic Dynamometer Available for Rent or Procurement

  • Oil mist lubrication
  • Complete with power pack
  • Max Power 3281 kW at 2288/7000 rev/min
  • Refurbished in 2016

Please call +1 248.579.4295 (press 1 for sales) for information or send email

Froude FO479 Hydraulic Dynamometer Froude FO479 Dynamometer