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Dynamometer Test Systems for Diesel Engines

The development, production and overhaul testing requirements of Industrial Gas and Steam Turbine and Diesel power applications is catered for by the extensive range of Froude dynos and control systems for the diesel market.  Reliable, robust and well-proven diesel engine dynamometers are available to provide for the high-performance test requirements of the power generation and industrial pumping industry sector.

Froude offers:

  • Full range of dynamometers (including portable) from hydraulic to AC to meet your engine test application
  • Range of fixed test stands, mobile trolleys 
  • Texcel closed-loop digital control systems
  • High accuracy, stability and response
  • Engine adapter frames
  • Worldwide support capabilities

Froude high-quality Hydraulic Dynamometers range in power from 750 kW to 28,000 kW.  High speed and bi-directional machines are available and the use of tandem machines further extends the applicable power ranges. The Texcel VX100 PRO Direct Digital Control System provides accurate control, measurement, dynamometer health monitoring and alarm annunciation.

Froude also designs and manufactures a range of test stands and trolleys for engines of all capacities that provide interchangeable adapters and systems to allow for multiple engine testing through a single facility.

We offer a portable diesel engine dynamometer range, the DT Series, under our Go Power brand that is designed for diesel engine testing. Click on the button below to visit Go Power:


The Froude AC dynamometer has been specifically designed for the testing of gasoline and diesel engines in R & D and Quality Audit applications.


Low inertia AC motor with standard speed ranges from 3,500 rpm to 10,000 rpm


Standard torque hub measurement accuracy is +/-0.2% of the full rated torque of the dynamometer

Speed is measured to an accuracy of +/- 1 rpm

F Type hydraulic dynamometers are designed for high accuracy of control, torque measurement and rapid load changes (response). Our range includes low speed, high torque variants for turboprop testing and higher speed, lower torque variants for turboshaft testing in uni- and bi-directional configurations. 
As known throughout the industry, the VX100 PRO continues the tradition of extremely accurate load control. The system is user friendly with drag and drop functionality and enhanced screen views. 

The Texcel VX100 PRO has been specifically designed for turbine test applications using distributed I/O concepts eliminating the need for high-density wiring between the dynamometer and the control console. The system incorporates four control modes, special control profiles, health monitoring and failsafe control in critical conditions. 

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