Customer Services - Rental and Leasin

The solution to your dyno dilemma

If you have a test cell down/equipment breakdown, then renting a dyno or control equipment from Froude is the ideal solution because it means you can continue testing with very little delay while your equipment is being repaired.

Alternatively, all your existing equipment may be running like clockwork and all you simply need is additional capacity to manage peaks in demand.  


  • short or long term rental packages are available to suit you
  • subject to equipment availability
  • our dynamometer and control rental equipment has been overhauled, tested, & calibrated
  • provides additional capacity to manage peaks in demand
  • minimizes downtime while a repair, refurbishment, or upgrade is being undertaken on your existing equipment.
  • may eliminate the need for capital expense as rental could be 'expensed' against other budgets


If you are interested in renting equipment, please call us: +1 248.579.4295 to discuss your requirements, or  EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE.