Customer Services - Used Equipment Purchase

Do you have a dynamometer which is no longer used due to the completion of a particular testing program or engine type? Or, do you have excess capacity which you no longer have a forecast demand for? Maybe the dynamometer is taking up needed space on your shop floor and you haven't had time to move it. More to the point, it's likely it will cost you to get it moved, so why bother?

Get in touch with us and we may be able to buy it off you.

Froude purchases complete test cells, including ancillary equipment, or individual assemblies such as inlet or outlet valves.

By selling it to us, you will therefore:

  • be able to release capital or use it to offset another purchase
  • be able to make valuable space on site to develop existing projects or begin new ones
  • be saving yourself the cost of getting the equipment repaired or moved off site

To contact us please call  +1 248.579.4295, or EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE.