Customer Services - Maintenance Agreements

Scheduled dynamometer maintenance is essential to minimize the risk of unscheduled breakdowns and to reduce unnecessary downtime.

It is also critical for maximum return on your equipment investment, as it helps you get the most value from your test equipment. 

Our Scheduled Maintenance agreements which include preventative maintenance and scheduled calibration, are designed around your specific requirements. This means that maintenance can be scheduled to coincide with your planned shutdown or worked into periods of reduced test cell demand, and this can also allow you to plan financial budgets.

The Scheduled Maintenance agreements are based on type of machine, extent of use, and type of testing being undertaken.  

We can provide the level of planned support that you need at competitive prices and with our global support team—we will keep you testing.

The services we offer include:

  • planned maintenance
  • calibrations traceable to national standards
  • prioritized breakdown support
  • emergency parts 

For information about our Scheduled Maintenance agreements, please contact our Customer Service Team at +1 248.579.4295 or EMAIL SERVICE.