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Does Your Older Froude Equipment Need Service or Parts?

Froude dynamometers are built for durability, as evidenced by the fact that many have been operating for over 50 years. The dynamometers listed below are no longer available built new. However, our Customer Service Team may still be able to refurbish these dynamometers, or be able to supply them as second-hand machines “As New.”

We also have power curves, spares, and manuals* for most, if not all of the dynamometers listed here. Please click on the PDF icons in the far right-hand column in the table below to view the Specification documentation or Power and Torque Capacity diagrams for some of our older dynamometers.

* Manuals may be purchased via Customer Service - please use the Request Information tab below. 

If you don't see the dynamometer you are looking for in the table here, please use the Customer Service tab at the bottom of this page to request the information.

Model Max Speed (RPM) Torque Nm (lb.ft) Power
kW (BHP)
Curve Ref Documentation
AG150 8,000 500 (370) 150 (200) 003608 AG150 Spec
AG150-HS 12,000 500 (370) 150 (200) 003798 AG150HS Spec
AG250 6,000 1,200 (885) 250 (335) 003609 AG250 Spec
AG250-HS 8,000 1,200 (885) 250 (335) 003799 AG250HS Specification
AG250-XHS 10,000 1,200 (885) 250 (335) 004191 AG250XHS Specification
AG400 4,500 2,000 (1,475) 400 (535) 003610 AG400 Specification
AG400-HS 8,000 2,000 (1,475) 400 (535) 003800 AG400HS Specification
EC26TC 9,000 152 (112) 75 (100) 000190 EC26TC Power & Torque Capacity Diagram
EC38TA 8,000 477 (352) 165 (220) SS5/19561 EC38TA Power & Torque Capacity Diagram
EC38TD 8,000 477 (352) 165 (220) 000191C EC38TD Power & Torque Capacity Diagram
EC50TC 6,000 1,100 (810) 300 (400) 000192C  EC50TC Power & Torque Capacity Diagram
G490EH 14,000 1,541 (1137) 750 (1000) SS3/50972D  G490EH Power & Torque Capacity Diagram
WG32 8,000 500 (370) 225 (300) 003573C WG32 Power & Torque Capacity Diagram



Our range of Wet and Air Gap machines have a wide range of uses and, being built for durability, some of our earliest dynamometers are still in use over 50 years later.


The Specifications supplied for the listed dynamometers are based on the standard versions.

If you believe that you have a “Special” version of a dynamometer type, please use the Request Information tab to contact us, ensuring to include all details from the dynamometer nameplate, so that we can trace the specific curve used in the original build of your machine.

Customer Service

Please contact Customer Services if the Froude dynamometer is not listed above. 

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