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HS890 Tandem Dynamometer

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Aerospace and Turbine Test Equipment

The Froude HS range of Aerospace and Gas Turbine Engine Test Equipment has been developed over the years to meet the needs of testing new engines in R&D facilities. These state-of-the-art products are utilized in subsequent production facilities and the engine overhaul sector.


Model Max Speed (RPM) Torque Nm (lb.ft) Power 
kW (BHP)
Curve Ref
HS125 30,000 895 (680) 1,865 (2,500) M003643
HS150 EVOLUTION 26,500 1,185 (875) 1,860 (2,490) EV000663 
HS150-F1 24,000 1,067 (785) 900 (1,210) M002122
HS2600 26,500 1,624 (1,200) 2,600 (3,490) M012203
HS590 15,500 4,610 (3,400) 4,100 (5,500) M000176
HS690 10,500 11,075 (8,170) 7,830 (10,500) M000177
HS6590 9,500 19,390 (14,300) 11,185 (15,000) M000178
HS790 7,500 29,665 (21,900) 14,915 (20,000) M000179
HS890 6,500 74,206 (54,700) 28,000 (37,500) M004662
HS890 Tandem 6,900 100,000 (73,800) 56,000 (75,100) M015969


The high speed dynamometers are fitted with two half couplings which, with the rotor, are oil injected onto the shaft. High speed machines have oil mist lubricated bearings.

The dynamometer working compartment consists of special semi-circular shaped vanes cast into stainless steel rotor and stators. Water flowing in a toroidal vortex pattern around these vanes creates a torque reaction through the dynamometer casing which is resisted and measured by a precision load cell. The dynamometer load is controlled by a 'characterized' water outlet valve, operated by a closed loop electro-hydraulic servo system. The power absorbed by the dynamometer is carried away by the water in the form of heat.

Main Features:

  • High speed, up to 30,000 RPM

  • Speed measurement accuracy ±1 RPM

  • Torque measurement accuracy ±0.25% of full rated torque of dynamometer

  • Servo load control

  • Rapid response

  • Stable operation

  • High reliability

  • Tandem Machines Available

  • Bi-directional Configurations available with the use of a turntable                                                      


Designed for turboshaft and turboprop engine applications, each features interchangeable engine adaptor frames allowing several engine types to be tested on a single test stand/trolley. Well proven standard products are available for the majority of turboshaft and turboprop engines.


The standard range of Froude HS dynamometers extends from 1680 kW to 15,000 kW in single machine configuration and up to 30,000 kW in tandem configuration and speeds up to 30,000 rpm.

Torque measurement accuracy is ±0.25% of full rated torque of the dynamometer.

Speed is measured by a pulse pickup operating with a 60 tooth wheel and gives an accuracy of ±1 rpm.

Froude dynamometers are painted traffic blue RAL 5017.

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