Customer Services - Breakdown Repairs

Dynamometer Test Cell in Need of a Service Call?

If your dyno test cell suffers an unscheduled failure or breakdown, contact us and we will arrange for an engineer to visit you as soon as possible wherever you are in the world. 

Repair may be an emergency requiring immediate response to minimize downtime on a key production cell, or a necessary repair which is not preventing operation but requires attention.

The first point of contact is our Technical Support which can make an initial diagnosis and in some cases can offer possible solutions or workarounds. 

We can also service and repair SAJ dynamometers (which are based on the early-model Froude F-types and AGs). We have the technical and engineering background on these older models to ensure quality service and original parts.

Service and Support can be contacted in the following ways:

Telephone: +1 248.579.4295